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D.E. Sandalwood/Dark umber x2
D.E. Black slotted lattice eyebrows
D.E. White/Black
D.E. Sandalwood/Dark umber
D.E. Sandalwood/Dark umber, Slotted lattice lip
D.E. White/White Slotted lattice
D.E. Sandalwood/Dark umber backer shade wall
D.E. Dark umber Slotted lattice

Let us bring your dreams to life

🌅 Ready to take your outdoor projects to the next level? Spartan Shade Systems is here to help! 🏡✨ Our extruded aluminum offers unmatched quality and durability, making it the perfect choice for pergolas and other outdoor structures. 💪🌿 Let your imagination run wild and create a breathtaking outdoor space with Defiant Extrusions material. 🌞🔨 #DefiantExtrusions #OutdoorProjects #HighQualityMaterials

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